Hartshorn’s Blog: Team Philosophy – Part 2

It’s Thursday night, August 30th and it’s three minutes until the 2018 season kicks off. Campbell breaks through the giant inflatable helmet and takes the field as fans rise to their feet, enthusiasm is in the air.

Rewind the calendar back six months, the players are putting on their helmet, cleats, and jersey getting ready to take the field for the first practice of spring ball. However, this time as we exit the field house, there is no helmet to run through, no fans in the stands and it is pouring rain. But now more than ever, enthusiasm has to be in the air.

During both the first spring practice and first game of the season, we are trying to grow as a team and get one step closer to achieving our goal of winning the Big South Conference Championship.

So, why would we have different levels of energy at each event?

Yes, a game day level of excitement can be matched by only few things, but enthusiasm is more than just exciting energy. Enthusiasm is defined as absorbing or controlling possession of the mind by any interest or pursuit.

Well, our interest is the Big South Championship and the ability to control our mind to be passionate and lock in on the everyday process to accomplish that goal is vital to success within the Campbell Football organization.

So how do we carry that out every day?

In the last blog I laid out the four main phases for a Campbell Football player: practice, weight training, class, and personal development. Incorporating enthusiasm is just as important as integrating industriousness.

Imagine that it’s now spring practice number eight, currently 35 degrees and it’s raining heavily. The last thing you want to do is to go outside, push your body past its limit, and have Coach Butterworth yelling in your ear. But, enthusiasm is required.

It’s Friday morning, 6:00 a.m., in the middle of June, lift is about to start and its max squat day. Your legs feel heavy and all you can think about is heading to the beach after workouts are done. But, enthusiasm is required.

It’s exam week, you have two finals the next day and you’ve been in the library for the past four hours. Your head is starting to hurt, your stomach is growling, and all you wish for is to be back in your room with a cookout tray and milkshake and call it a night. But, enthusiasm is required.

It’s 5:00 a.m. on regular Wednesday morning and it’s cold, dark and time to start your daily process. You would much rather go back to sleep than run a mile and read a chapter of Leadership Fitness by Homer Rice. But, enthusiasm is required.

It’s conditioning time at the end of practice and we are starting to look like…

Jack Orginal
Jack Ryan
Block Orginal
Aaron Blockmon

And if we need a quick reminder about the enthusiasm we need to bring. We look up to see these two wonderful faces, who are more than happy to remind us.

Coach Keough
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach, Alex Keough
Coach Lindsay
Linebackers Coach, Freddie Aughtry-Lindsay

That’s the second part of our team philosophy. Now you should have a better understanding when someone refers to the cornerstones of John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success at a game, practice, or in an interview online.

Next week is spring break for us, so the spring blog series will continue in two weeks with a deeper look at spring practice. I hope you enjoy!

Thomas Hartshorn is a redshirt senior linebacker on the Campbell Football team from Apex, N.C. Read his entire blog series leading up to the start of the 2018 season.



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