Catching Up with Campbell T/F: Lorne Jenkins

Student-Athlete: Lorne Jenkins

Event: (Jumps and Sprints)

Foundation: Junior – Longmont, Colorado


Q: Thoughts on your performance last season?

“I had a decent last year, but I didn’t finish where I wanted to finish. I set a personal record in every event and made big strides.”

Q: Look forward to this year, what improvements do you want?

“I’m looking to gain a better understanding in jumping. I was close to regionals last year so I’m trying to go to regionals this year and see what happens from there.”

“There is a big mental aspect to it (as well). It’s not the physical aspect that gets me down but the mental aspect. Getting down and frustrated, when you scratch or don’t do as well as you want to.”

“Biggest thing is having the confidence to do well and be more consistent. The focus in training in jumping has changed. We started jumping sooner last year three months sooner. Its much more technical, we do more reps and being able to get it second nature.”

Q: What have you noticed from jump training in fall, 2015?

“The general consistency is much higher than last year, which is definitely a confidence booster. In fall training, I jumped distances from short approach that I jumped in competition from full approach last year.”

Q: Thoughts on sprinting events?

“I’ll run 60 (meter) and maybe the 200M and those are explosive events. The faster you are, the further you can jump. Also, I get an opportunity to be in competitive situations more often.”

Q: How do you balance sprints and jumps focus in training?

“You need to have speed in both events, even jumping. If I get better at sprinting then I’ll automatically get better at jumping. If you’re faster on the runway and jump high, when you bring the speed through the jump and add some height, you fly through the pit. If you can jump high and run fast, then it is as simple as it sounds and makes it a lot easier.”

Q: Describe your experience over these past two years?

“It’s been a journey my first two years with different coaching changes. The biggest thing for me is to come in my junior year with a lot of confidence. Starting at such a high place, a lot of people may not have made it because most don’t switch events.”

“I thought hurdles was my thing coming into college and just having to jump. We had a coaching change last year and we didn’t have a coach for a couple of months and we still all PR’d. Biggest thing (for me) is battling through everything and still to be here.”

The Fighting Camels return to action this weekend in Winston Salem for the UNCG Spartan Challenge on Sunday, Jan. 24.


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