Catching Up with Campbell T/F: Lilla Juhasz

Student-Athlete: Lilla Juhasz

Event: (Short Hurdles, Sprints)

Foundation: Junior – Rabapaty, Hungary

 Photo Credit: Scarborough Photography (Campbell University)

Lilla Juhasz looks for continued improvement following a sophomore season featuring a first place finish in the 100 meter hurdles and third place in the 100 meter dash in the Big South Finals.

Juhasz qualified for the European Athletics U-23 Championships back in early July, setting the Hungarian national record (13.56 seconds) in the 100 meter hurdles finals. Her performance could lead to even more success down the road, including a possible berth to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

Here’s more from Juhasz on her expectations for 2016 and what Campbell fans should expect from the acclaimed junior hurdler.

Q: Setting record for U23 Hungary hurdles?

“It made me so happy, I wasn’t really expecting to do this well. It gives me more experience and confidence for this year. First, I’m learning to focus on myself, not who is running next to me. Obviously running with the top hurdlers really excites me and it makes motivates me and brings out the best in me as a competitor.”

Q: Potential of having a longer season after Campbell this year, with the Olympics in 2016?

“It makes me realize its going to be a lot of work and I’ll need to be at my absolute best in training and competition.”

“It’s definitely a huge challenge to face all of those expectations but, I welcome the opportunity and I’m happy that so many believe I can realize that goal. First, I want to go to European championships and do well there in July. From there my coach and I will decide what the next step in my process will be.”

Q: Expectations for 2016 and beyond?

“First, I want us to win the Big South team championship!”

“I want to win the 60 meters, 60 hurdles indoors, set a new PR, go to indoor nationals, and qualify for the Indoor World Championships as well. For outdoor, I want to win the 100 hurdles and the 100 meters and get as many points as I can for my team.”

“Biggest help is that I have a training partner, Tatiana Wolfe. It helps me to run with someone so talented. Last year I did the workouts alone and we would compete in a few training sessions, which really helped me to get better. This year practices are harder, more competitive and more focused on the goals that I have set for myself.”

Assistant coach Alan Quinn on Juhasz:

“This year Lilla set the bar very high for herself. She wants to conclude her season in Rio. When we talked about her goals, we really broke them down and then we began to formulate the process for her to pursue and achieve her goals. We talked about it early on so now she can just focus on the day by day process of getting better. I know it cliché but, we focus on one step at the time. It’s a long season and we’re taking it day by day and letting her enjoy her process. We have a very special young lady and it’s a blessing for me to have the opportunity to work with her everyday.”

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