Front Row Improvements

The Campbell Fighting Camels are proud to announce improvements to the Front Row Sports App, highlighting the best and brightest news in Campbell Athletics on the mobile phone.

The Front Row Sports App is powered by Prestosports, giving fans a new and improved way to feature certain sports and elements of the site. Take a look at some of the best features.


1. Fans can personalize their app by setting up “favorite”
Campbell sports in and around Buies Creek.

2. Larger buttons to make it easier to click through the app.

3. Updated navigation which includes:
– better design for improved branding
– panel now can be scrolled independently of the main content
– direct access to “all sports” scoreboard and news
– added support for right swipe to open panel
– “favorite” and “all sports” lists for easier access to selected sports
– additional links at the bottom of panel

4. Settings page now has “Rate in the app store” and “Feedback” links along with an option to increase/decrease font size.

5. Support for pull-to-refresh gesture instead of header refresh icon.

6. For users taking advantage of our Broadcast product you can now watch and listen to broadcasts directly through the app.

7. iOS9 support.

8. New PrestoSports logo.

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