Exploding on the Scene

Written by: Christian Hornaday, Campbell blog contributor

Campbell men’s golf player Ray Kraivixien, a freshman from Bangkok, Thailand, has already been named Big South Freshman of the Week three times this fall – something not even he could imagine this early into his collegiate career in Buies Creek.

“I did not expect to perform like this,” said Kraivixien, who has posted three top-20 finishes this season. “I know I came here to play golf – so I just want to try my best and do my best all of the time.”

Growing up in a family where golf was a major focus, Kraivixien cannot remember a time where he did not have golf in his life.

“To be honest, I don’t remember [when I started]. I know that since I was very young, almost every day, I have had something to do with golf; either watching it on TV or playing,” said Kraivixien. “My dad (Mahin) also plays and we got very close to each other through golf.”

Kraivixien had the opportunity to play in golf tournaments here in America, which resulted in multiple offers from different colleges.

“After I talked to the coach and visited Campbell, I thought ‘this is great,’” said Kraivixen. “At home I would face a traffic jam every day, every day was rushed, but here it is very relaxed.”

Transitioning into college is a challenge for any student, especially when the move is made internationally.

“The first few weeks were very difficult for me,” said Kraivixien, before explaining that, “I did not know what to do; when to work, when to sleep, when to do laundry, but after I got to know my teammates, I asked for their advice for each class and made friends in my classes. They helped me a lot with time management.”

Kraivixien is not yet sure what exactly he wants to do after he graduates, but he is positive that he wants to spend his life around golf.

“I want to try a professional golf career,” said Kraivixien. “Since I was very young, that was my only dream. Right now, golf has been a major part of my life, so I want to do something with it. It might be teaching or managing, we will (just) have to see.”


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