Tait Taking Huge Leap

Written by: Christian Hornaday, Campbell blog contributor

Junior exercise science major Jenny Tait has taken the court by storm this season as she has doubled her appearances in matches each year at Campbell going from 14 in 2013, to 30 in 2014.

This season, Tait has now played in every match for the Fighting Camels playing in all but one of 70 sets.

Looking at how she plays now, it is safe to assume that Tait has spent her life playing volleyball, yet it took the suggestion of a teacher to even get Tait to try out for her prep squad.

“One of my teachers told me I was tall and that I should try out,” sad Tait. “I fell in love with the sport immediately, it’s an amazing sport.”

Coming from Ormiston, Australia to The States, where it is typical for the tall and athletic people to go for basketball, Tait prefers a bit of distance between herself and her opponents.

“My mum played basketball at a high level, but for me that was too rough,” said Tait, “having the net in between is really nice.”

That being said, Tait is no stranger to aggression on her side of the net as she has registered a team-leading 60 blocks (15 solo, 45 assisted) setting a career high with nine blocks on Sept. 25 at High Point. She also leads the team with a .249 hitting percentage.

Being the only international player on the team, Tait pointed out a few interesting differences between American culture and her own.

“The food for one: when you eat and how you eat, we don’t eat out as often, everything is cooked at home, so eating out was a big shock, and eating chicken for breakfast, that’s really weird to me,” said Tait, before adding, “Language: obviously my accent and some of the words I say are very different still. Even the clothing, because we don’t have winter we dress very differently.”

Looking to the future, Tait has high expectations for herself as an athlete here at Campbell and beyond.

“Ultimately, I would love to go play professional volleyball…and hopefully one day the Olympics, but that depends on how the rest of this season and next season goes and if I get any opportunities and if not, I want to be an occupational therapist,” said Tait.

The Fighting Camels (8-12, 3-4) return to action Tuesday night as they host N.C. Central for Faculty/Staff Appreciation Night.


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