Serving Up CU: Mary Crema’s Take

Senior captain Mary Crema has been a stable force in the Campbell volleyball program over the last two years and her dedication to both academics and her sport have been noteworthy.

Entering her final season, Crema was named to the Big South Preseason All-Conference team for the second straight year. She also was given the opportunity of trying out for the U.S. national team in February, competing with some of the best players in the country.

The Creek is Rising wants to share what Mary Crema has to say about her experience as a student-athlete. Here’s an inside look on how the senior captain goes about her game week in Buies Creek.

  • Monday, September 28th:

Monday mornings. Sometimes, life as a college athlete can be absolutely draining, that I can’t lie about. As your week or day goes on and it seems long and tiresome, if you look hard enough there is always something to pick you up. This is my senior year. My last shot. That keeps me going. That is motivation enough for me every day. We started today off with 8 a.m. weights. Mike stays on us to get it moving early in the morning and we get about 2 minutes to complain about how tired we are and then he cuts us off. I like having weights as a start to my day because it wakes me up and I start my day with a great workout. After weights, I head to class. I’m a trust and Wealth Management major and am getting my MBA as well. My keys to staying awake in class this early: water, gum and my classmates making jokes. 10 a.m., I head back to the gym for an individual. We work a lot on serve receive and serving and staying consistent. Then I head to treatment. Treatment is the most relaxing part of my day where I get to recover and make my old lady body feel like the 21-year-old that I am. Then LUNCH TIME! Today I ate at home and had some extra studying to do. Then, it’s back to the gym for practice. After practice, I headed to my night class. A lot of my days involve running from the gym to class without a shower, sorrrry fellow classmates! Then, I hit the hay! Monday’s are a LONG DAY.

  • Tuesday, September 29th:

Tuesdays I wake up at 7:30 a.m. for my 8 a.m. class. I get a break right after class until 11 a.m. when I have my grad school class. Schoolwork this year is kicking my butt and I have to study A LOT more than I used to. I actually go to the library whereas my last two years here I think I had been a total of 2 times. Yay… Lunch on Tuesdays I usually meet up with Ben and go to Java City in the med school. Then I head back to treatment before practice. Today’s practice was a lot of competitive drills and we played 6-on-6 or 5-on-5 a lot. I think it’s a team consensus that we all love practice when we just get to go play. We’re a team full of competitive girls, so we hate losing. Obviously. Then after practice, Kate, Jen and I usually get food or eat at home. If you are catching the trend, my days typically include class, volleyball and food and then the other best part of my day: SLEEP.

  • Wednesday, September 30th:

8 a.m. weights. Wednesdays are a quicker paced day for weights and usually I walk out of there dripping with sweat and then go straight to class. I usually look like a hot mess and my Professor will typically make a comment towards how “nice” I look. Life of an athlete, sorry!!! After class, I have interviews all day. September and October are full of internship interviews for trust students. I interned last summer with Wells Fargo and it was great. Interviewing means I am dressed up in a full suit all day. Do I prefer a suit or sweats? A suit, duh, they’re so comfortable! No, I wish I could live every day in my sweats, but that just might not give the best impression to all the banks I interview with. We practice late on Wednesday and scout the team we play Friday after practice. Then what time is it? Dinner and bed. The usual.

  • Thursday, October 1st:

One of my favorite days of the year. I LOVE fall. It’s easily my favorite time of the year and there’s something extra fall-y about October. So, I’m already in a great mood today. In the morning, I received a call about an internship I got and was very excited. I headed to class after stopping and getting Creek Coffee, skinny vanilla latte, the usual. I’m basic, I know. After my 2 classes, I had to make sure I was fully packed and ready to leave before we left for Charleston Southern. I got another call from a different bank about an internship that I wanted REALLY bad. I was practically screaming in the car when I got the call. I headed into practice and it was so fun to share the news with my teammates. One of the things I love the most about my teammates is they understand how hard I work and we all work in school, interviews, volleyball, etc. so when I told them the news they were so excited for me. It’s incredible having teammates like that who support you so much. We had a quick practice and showered then got on the road for Charleston Southern. We were about 3 hours in and received a call that our game was cancelled. It’s hurricane season and the gym had flooded. So, we backtracked to campus. It’ll be a funny story to tell… one day.

  • Friday, October 2nd:

FriYAY! I love Fridays in the fall. Usually it’s because we get to play a match, but today we were back on campus and had practice. We switched our minds from Charleston Southern to Coastal Carolina and we were ready to get after it. We scouted after practice and then more as a team later. One focus, Coastal. Also, we were crossing our fingers that this game didn’t get cancelled as well. A few of us who aren’t from parts of the country where there are hurricanes were blown away by the amount of rain. It just didn’t stop raining, at all. Kate and I went for a bit of a drive after practice and picked up dinner. It was pouring, so Kate was driving, definitely not me. We headed back to our apartment and relaxed for a bit before calling it a night.

  • Saturday, October 3rd:

Game day! We were up bright and early and on the road by 7:40 a.m. We had our pregame meal at Eggs UP and then headed to the gym for a little serve and pass before our game. The mood of the team felt great and loose and excited. The game didn’t go our way and we lost 3-0. Every weekend we continue to improve and we haven’t peaked yet. We know we need to continue focusing on improving little by little so that by the end of the season when it really matters, we are ready to kick some butt in the conference tournament.

  • Sunday, October 4th:

God made Sundays for a day of rest, right? So what do I do on Sundays? Nothing. Maybe some homework, but probably not. Sleep. Eat. Sleep. Watch Netflix. Yep, that’s about it and it’s amazing. Some Sundays I go up to Raleigh and hang out with my sister and eat food that is delicious, but other Sundays I am so drained from the week that I just need to rest. Sundays are great days.

The Fighting Camels (5-10, 0-2) return to action this Friday night, October 9th as they host Liberty University in the Big South Conference home opener at Gore Arena. First serve is set for 7:00 p.m. EST and can be seen live on the Big South Network.


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