Dillon’s Determined Family Support

Senior fullback Dalton Dillon has played his fair share of emotional games for Campbell Football over the last four years, but none may rank as high for the Colfax, N.C. native than Campbell Family Weekend this Saturday at Barker-Lane Stadium.

That emotion surfaces from the relationship built with his parents, Victor and Terri Dillon, who have attended every single home and road Campbell Football game in Dillon’s career. He makes sure to pass on the proper appreciation for their efforts traveling across the country with his contributions on the gridiron.

“Every time I run out of the tunnel, I look up and you know, pat my chest, so they know that I’m there and then they do the same thing right back,” Dillon admits, describing in his unique pre-game ritual.

Photo Credit: Scarborough Photography
Photo Credit: Scarborough Photography

Dillon, the 2014 First-Team All-PFL fullback, finds comfort in the fact that every game can have that added support of feeling right close to home on any field. Dillon loves that he can find cheers of support both at home and on the road, whether that be on the sunny beaches of San Diego or bundled up for that late-season road trip.

Just last week, Dalton felt that trust come full circle joining his parents right near the bus following a tough 25-24 loss in the Fighting Camels’ PFL opener. Dealing with failure, especially in tight contests, is something that Dalton can attribute to his father, who played collegiate football at Guilford College in Greensboro, N.C.

“I think its just a good feeling coming out on the field and you look up, see people in the stands that you know from home games all the way out to California to even New York,” Dillon explained.

The backing from his family has kept Dillon focused both on the field and in the classroom, being named to the PFL Academic Honor Roll each of the past three years. That’s what makes this upcoming contest all the more challenging, expecting an even larger family base for his final Family Weekend contest in Orange and Black.

“I think it’s real special,” Dillon said, before adding that, “I even have some distant family coming in from out of town for my last Family Weekend here at Campbell.

While the striking resemblance between Dillon and his father are rather noticeable, the love he shares for both his parents and extended family will be on full display when he leads the Fighting Camels through the pre-game tunnel for a special night at Barker-Lane Stadium. There may be more games left on the schedule, but the business major will certainly relish one last pat of the chest with his family cheering loudly from the stands.


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