Campbell Strikers Climbing Up The Rankings

Written By: LynJosha Russell

As the soccer season progresses, two stars begin to rise up from the fresh green soccer field at Eakes Athletic Complex. Those two beacons of Campbell success are none other than redshirt senior Ashley Clark and sophomore Bradley Farias.

Clark has become the lady to watch in every competition, scoring over 29 goals in her career. Coming out of summer play with the Seattle Sounders and into her final season, Clark currently ranks inside the Top 20 nationally in total scoring.

“When I approach a game, my goal for the day is to look for the weakest link and just destroy,” said Clark.

And she does just that as the Big South Conference named her 2015 Preseason Attacker of the Year for her methods of madness on the field. Clark isn’t the only one with an abundance of attacking skills up her sleeves, however, as Bradley Farias has a few tricks up his sleeve as well for the Campbell Men’s Soccer program.

In just seven games this season, Farias has scored eight goals, one short of his total from the entire 2014 year, leading him to be ranked inside the top five in goals scored heading into the weekend.

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“I go out on the field with same mentality as everyone else,” Farias said, before confidently adding, “I just want to win.”

For being a leading scorer, you would think these athetes would have to have special training from everyone else on the team, but they approach the game with a similar mindset.

Before a given game, both Clark and Farias go through their own game-day prep. From necessary items like stretching to foam rolling, ice baths, eating healthy, and keeping their mind on the game ahead, their tactics are highly refined for competition.

Entering the weekend sporting the best RPI in the Big South, Campbell Women’s Soccer has a lot to be proud of this season. Thanks in large part to the efforts of their leading scorer, Campbell looks to surpass their fifth place ranking in the preseason poll.

“It gives us a sense of pride,” said Clark. “But in a way it really doesn’t mean much unless we back it up.”

This gives the Fighting Camels more motivation in each and every game to prove to the other teams in the Big South that they can play up to the top of the class. Yet both Clark and Farias have already combined to score or assist on 10 goals this season.

Follow Up on WSOCC’s Recent Win

As the season goes on, the hard work that it takes to maintain that success still rages on for both programs.

The Fighting Camels continue their powerful action with a doubleheader on Saturday. The Women’s Soccer program kicks things off at 5 p.m. with a match against the Bulldogs of UNC Asheville, and afterwards, the Men’s Soccer program challenges the Longwood Lancers at 7 p.m in their Big South Conference opener.


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