#5forPE Challenge

Like many social media trends that spread viral, the participation of one highly-motivated group makes for tremendous fun and of equal importance, exceptional work towards a valuable cause.

The Fighting Camels women’s basketball program is notorious for taking that enthusiasm behind a given cause and spreading it like wildfire, which was on full display throughout the Campbell Athletic Department in the latest #5forPE Challenge.

Essentially athletes put other athletes to the test for a set of five given reps to help promote physical activity for kids in school.

In order to promote overall fitness, head coach Wanda Watkins led the basketball team in five reps of what are called “Rebound Explosions” drills that promote working hard out on the court.

Now to keep things interesting, the #5forPE challenge was passed along as coaches: Pascal Molinard (Campbell Swimming), Dawn Easley (Campbell Lacrosse),Β Rick Reeves (Gardner Webb Basketball),Β Brenda Mock Kirkpatrick (UNC Asheville Basketball) andΒ Lisa Stockton (Tulane Basketball) were challenged to the test.


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